Mighty Hercules $1130


1. Revitalize IV with Oxygen

2. 50 minute Sports Therapy Massage 

3. HydraFacial

4. 1 Session of EMSculpt

(Value of $1534)

Diva Make-Over $1300


1. 50 minute Hot Stone Massage

2. HydraFacial

3. 1 Session of Exilis skin tightening and fat melting

4. Neurotoxin 11 lines, or forehead, or crows feet

(Value $1464)

Couples Infusion Therapy with Oxygen 

$50 Savings

Couples can relax, rejuvenate, hydrate, watch their favorite show in a private room while they restore their body to balance, wellness, and health.

Couples Massages

$45 Savings

Treat the love of your life and yourself to our MedSpa Massage and save when you do it together. Choose any 2 massages and save $45 when booked together. 

Call to book.